My Vegan Pantry

I’ve gotten lots of questions from my non-vegan friends about what sorts of things I buy. I’ve created this page as a way to share some of my vegan pantry items that I always like to keep on hand to create delicious vegan meals. I’ll be updating this periodically as I discover new vegan products.

Disclaimer: this page contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item through my links, it will not cost you any extra. However, I will earn a small commission to help support this website. This helps keep The Bitchy Baker baking. Thanks for your support. <3

Nutritional Yeast (AKA, “Nooch”)

So, this stuff is basically vegan crack. It kind of resembles fish food, it smells vaguely like parmesan cheese. It also tastes a bit nutty and cheesy. We vegans like to add this onto pretty much everything. It’s fortified with lots of good stuff, like B12 and Folate. It contains a good amount of protein. It doesn’t contain sodium.

I like to add it to creamy sauces for an extra savory, cheesy flavor. I also use it in vegan cheeses. I process it with cashews to make vegan parmesan. I add it to vegan custards. It’s also amazing on popcorn. Basically, this stuff is gold. Get yourself some! You can find it here. You can also find it in most health food stores (on the spice aisle). I usually buy mine in bulk online, or at Trader Joe’s.

Vegan Lactic Acid Powder

This nifty powder is made from beets. It gives vegan dairy products that almost fermented, buttermilk-like tang. I like adding it to mac and cheese, vegan ranch dressing, homemade vegan cheeses, cream cheese frosting, etc. It helps give vegan dairy products a more authentic flavor. You can find it online here. I’ve not been able to find it anywhere near me, but you might be able to find it in some health food stores.

Kala Namak Salt (AKA, Black Salt)

This strange salt smells like hard boiled eggs. It contains a lot of sulfur and gives vegan egg products a very “eggy” taste. I like using this in vegan egg salads, tofu scrambles, quiches, frittatas, and sometimes even vegan custards. You can find it online here. You can also find it in Indian grocery stores and Asian supermarkets.

Raw Cashews

I’m seriously obsessed with cashews. They make an amazing stand-in for dairy in many, many vegan recipes. They have a mostly neutral flavor, which makes them perfect for things like vegan parmesan cheese. Then, when you soak raw cashews and then blend them up, they become an amazing and intensely rich ‘n creamy treat. You can use them in vegan alfredo sauce, spreadable vegan cheeses, cream cheese, cheesecakes, cashew mac ‘n cheese, and so much more. You can find them in most supermarkets. However, since they can get someone pricey; I recommend buying them from either the bulk section of a local health food store, or from a store like Trader Joe’s. I either order them online, or I’ll buy them by the pound at Trader Joe’s. You can buy them online here.

Firm Silken Tofu

Okay, so I know tofu gets a bad rap… But, I’m personally a tofu lover. I think it all comes down to the type and how it’s prepared. I’ll probably rant about that later. For now, I want to address silken tofu. I’m personally not the biggest fan of the stuff when just used in soups or stir-fries. However, this stuff is AMAZING when blended up. It’s silky smooth and creamy. I love using it in cream fillings for pies, mousses, smoothies, etc. It’s high in protein, pretty dang healthy, and it makes things taste amazingly rich. Win-win. You can find it in Asian supermarkets, health food stores, or online here.

Check back soon for more updates!